Large Seasonal Veg Box
Large Seasonal Veg Box
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Large Seasonal Veg Box

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Large Box of Seasonal Veg

An assortment of fresh seasonal vegetables bundled together to satisfy the needs of up to 6* people for a week.

includes up to eighteen different Vegetables

*Example of a bundle.

Potatoes x 2kg
Carrots x 1kg
Cauliflower x 1 head
Butternut x 1 large
Gems Squash x 6
Sweet Corn x 1 Pack 
Spinach x 1 Bag
Onion x 1kg
1 x RedCabbage
1 x Baby Marrow punnet
1 x Beans punnet
1 x Brinjal Punnet or 2 large
Lettuce x 1 head
Cocktail Tomatoes 500g
Tomatoes 1kg
Avo x 4
Peppers x 3